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Chinese California subway 1 million 830 thousand! Americans have blown up the Sohu news recently, a large group of American friends, is a Chinese subway cleaners to scraper! U.S. time on Tuesday, a company called TransparentCalifornia (transparent California) government payroll data released third parties show that San Francisco Bay Metro in a Chinese Cleaner 2015 total revenue of $271 thousand and 243 (RMB 1 million 830 thousand), of which the basic salary only contributed $57 thousand and 945. San Francisco Bay subway map $270 thousand is a concept of what? According to a statistics, in 2013 the United States have an annual income of 90% families under $150 thousand, even considering the limited wage growth over the past 3 years, but the $270 thousand annual salary, is enough to let the Chinese subway cleaners to become the United States income Pyramid spire people. The United States authoritative salary survey website Payscale announced the latest 2016-2017 college salary report shows that the annual salary of graduates of Harvard graduates $65200, the annual salary of $123 thousand. The cleaner named LiangZhaoZhang (Zhang Liangzhao, transliteration), in his $270 thousand in revenue, $160 thousand from overtime income (overtimepay), basic salary of $58 thousand only a small part. According to the California local laws: 1 employees work a day in 8 hours ~12 hours, more than 8 hours to give some 1~1.5 times of overtime wages; if work 7 days in a row, then the seventh day of the 8 hours of work time, but also to give salary according to 1~1.5 times. 2, employees work long hours in more than 12 hours, more than 8 hours to pay part of the wages in accordance with the times of 2 consecutive days to work, more than 8 hours in the past seventh hours, in accordance with the pay of 2 times. The government of California is very strict about the control of overtime, the case of large technology companies in Silicon Valley because of staff overtime is not uncommon. In 2013 and 2014, Zhang Liangzhao’s revenue was $186 thousand, $225 thousand, overtime pay is also the main source. In other words, in the past 3 years, Zhang Liangzhao received a total of $682 thousand in revenue, about RMB 4 million 600 thousand yuan. A cleaner can get the top salary, which makes many Americans do not calm! Faced with questions about Zhang Liangzhao’s salary, BART’s spokesman, AliciaTrost, said, "Mr Zhang Liangzhao should not be accused of his high overtime pay. Everyone has the same opportunity to work overtime, but he is able to spend all of his time working overtime. Trost added, "we put the cleanliness of the subway station in the first place, because it is the appearance of the BART subway station. Seemingly very simple cleaning, in fact, requires a lot of work. When it comes to big events, such as ball games, holidays, many employees will be on holiday, or sick leave,.相关的主题文章: