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"Changshu child drop out the truth: not because of poor parents ignore the education – Beijing" Changshu child "video with bare arms in a small workshop working young dropouts in Guanling County, billiards hall became the best place to spend time to drop out of school children photography reporter Yang Baolu from Guizhou Anshun city in Jiangsu province to Changshou City, a distance of about there are 1900 kilometers. Wei took a bus to spend more than two days, almost across china. It was the longest road in his 15 year career. In February this year, nearly two years to drop out of school to work in a small workshop in Changshu. Until November, the workshop was arrested on suspicion of child labor, he worked here for more than 9 months. Come to Changshu for so long, for the city, he is a stranger. In addition to the factory and dormitory, he has not been to other places, he did not know the road, but also did not have time to go out to play. There are a lot of small Wei as a child, in the long production line, their existence is an open secret — workshop boss, intermediary, or even their own parents and tacitly. According to the relevant statistics of Changshou City, since 2012, the Changshu Department of human resources and social investigation of 107 cases of the use of child labor, involving the use of child labor, 211. When they came out, they all had a wonderful vision of the outside world, but the monotonous and heavy work tied him to the front of the sewing machine. Go to work, sleep, play games, into their daily cycle, the same as the wheel, run over their youth. The outside world is wonderful QQ space is one of the few words to depict the life, content: immutable and frozen on October 10th at 1:19 in the morning: finally work slightly, 11 on the evening of 11: after work until government inspectors. The factory was open, the look of the city, only a little show in front of the small wei. A few days ago, pear video released a video, a lot of minors in Changshu’s small workshop as a child. Local government departments immediately launched an operation to close the workshop, according to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter to grasp the list, in the 10 children found, there are 7 from Yunnan and Guizhou, Wei Wei is one of them. From November 22nd onwards, 4 children were placed in a hotel, a government staff all-weather escort, responsible for their daily life. While waiting for their parents to pick them up, they stay in the room watching TV and playing mobile games. At night, the staff and they live together, they occasionally go out for a walk. This is a small Wei to Changshu since the first time such a leisurely and carefree. In the workshop, they, like their sewing machines, spend most of the day running. Go to work at 8 in the morning, work at about 11 in the evening, work every day in 14th Five-Year. Because piece wages, Xiaowei per day to finish 800 pieces. In the face of output, the boss set strict time requirements. "Only eat when you can rest, usually ten or twenty minutes, not more than half an hour." Tired wearing a headset to listen to music, the hand does not stop, as a rivet on the line, he stopped the forest相关的主题文章: