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.puters-and-Technology It seems that these days we’re constantly told about how we live in the Information Age, and about all of the great opportunities we have to enjoy a huge variety of technological developments that will serve to bring people together and enable us to collaborate in ways that have never been possible before. Rolled into all of this is the implicit promise of entirely new forms of entertainment and recreation. All of this hype about Information Age technology is true and now .cast is in a great position to help you take full advantage of these great developments. That’s because this leading provider of cable TV has expanded its service to also provide the fastest residential Internet access available in most areas! When it .es to accessing the Internet and taking advantage of all the entertainment and informational resources of the World Wide Web, a fast Internet connection is incredibly important. In fact, the faster the Internet connection, the better. And that’s exactly what .cast provides for you in the form of a high speed Internet service that provides up to eight Mbps continuously and twelve Mbps for brief amounts of time in order to open up all of the wonders of the Internet for you to take advantage of! That continuous ability to download eight megabytes of data every second is more than enough speed to allow you to do a variety of different things including watching streaming video on your .puter- which pretty much means convenient video on demand access to a variety of TV shows and amateur videos. .cast will also allow you to download digital photos and music quickly and easily, as well as listen to streaming Internet radio stations even while you surf the Web. The ability of .cast’s Power Boost feature to deliver up to twelve megabytes of data every second for short periods of time will really .e in handy when you decide to undertake larger downloads like those containing things like full length movies and larger software packages. .cast will also let you take even better advantage of its blistering download speeds by providing you with a wireless router with your subscription. With a wireless router, it will be easy to turn your home into a hot spot so that your family, friends, room mates, or whatever can all be online at the same time! .cast also makes it easy to stay in touch with the people you care about with a digital phone service that it calls Digital Voice. Digital Voice provides plenty of different calling features and free long distance calls to the United States and Canada! With your Internet access and your home phone line taken care of, you’ll want to relax and enjoy some TV. Fortunately .cast is an industry leader when it .es to providing digital cable TV service as well! With an enormous number of available channels and all of the best cutting edge technology, .cast’s digital cable TV service is the best that you can possibly get. Every programming package .es with user friendly software- including an on screen program guide- as well as local channels, digital music channels, and access to video on demand content. The largest programming package adds great cable TV channels and all four of the major movie packages onto that for a total of over two hundred and seventy five channels! In addition to providing great residential tele.munications service, .cast will also provide you with a discount if you get two or more of these great services together! .cast is definitely the .pany that cares about your access to the Information Age! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: