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Business Whenever you are puzzled in a situation, you cannot find any path, you cannot find how to go out of it, dont think just be in a deep non-thinking and allow the inner guide to guide you. In the beginning you will feel afraid, insecure, but soon, when every time you will come to the right door, you will gather courage and you will become trusting. Osho, The Book of the Secrets How do I know I make the right decision? Making important decisions can be quite difficult. We may be afraid to make a mistake, especially when it involves other people around us and particularly when we have spent our life trying to please everyone. Speaking our truth can be a strange concept since our focus was always on making others happy, and gradually forgetting who we are and what we may need as a person. When we make life changing decisions regarding a relationship, a career, a move, having children etc., we will spend endless hours, weeks sometimes months, days and nights thinking and juggling with all aspects involving our decision. What consequences will my decision create and which ones can I live with? Can I face the reactions, judgments and the range of emotions that will come along with it? Sometimes, it becomes so confusing that we do not act. We put our ideas, dreams, desires aside, and keep living our life as it is. How many times have you heard people having reached a certain age, filled with regrets about a career, a loved one, or a project that was never achieved or lived fully, either out of fear of losing face, being judged, hurting others, even finances, etc. When we have to make a life changing decision, the thinking process begins. The mind offers reasons why we should not change the present course or else, reasons why it does not make sense, or it is simply not the right time and so on. Yet, these same questions and dreams keep coming back accompanied with inner fights between the dream, the idea, the desire and the reasons not to act. So, how do I know I make the right decision? Many years ago, I asked that question to a very wise person and here is the answer I got: You know it is a right decision because it is YOURS! I almost fell off my chair. Think about it a moment! Isnt it amazing that whatever decision you make and whether it makes sense for others or not or seems right or wrong, since the decision is YOURS, in that moment, you can trust it. But often that is the problem. One does not trust oneself enough to be guided by ones intuition, insight, and inner voice. We have lost the capacity to listen, to observe, to know from within. The mind has the ability and capacity to create confusion when the decision making begins. Yet, deep in your heart, you know what you need, what is your truth, but the mind interferes in the process. How many times did you say: I should have listened to my intuition. Learn to do that again! The Millenium Journey Tree Flower Essence helps us in the process of learning to trust our intuition. It helps us get a birds-eye view of things. The natural healing energy of trees can be of great support in helping us be more in tune and connected. Use the Millenium Journey essences and start the process of learning to trust yourself. Listen and observe the signs around you. Every moment brings us the clues we need to make the right decisions, so we just need to tune in. You may begin with smaller decision not involving large consequences and other people. Get in touch with your feelings, listen to your heart and observe how the mind easily comes in the pictures. Make small decisions and practice. By and by, you will become more agile in trusting yourself and listening to what is true. It could be as simple as saying no to a dinner invitation! In this process, emotions arise and many thoughts as well. It can be quite tiring since so much energy is spent and wasted. We wake up in the morning exhausted from trying to figure things out. In those cases, you may wish to use the Vibrational tree essence called Forest Secrets, Tree Flower Remedy . We see more clearly when the minds chatting slows down. It is when the mind is filled with thousands of ideas that confusion arises. This wonderful tree combination will help you stay grounded, calming the mind and even help you sleep better. Namast, Celine Cloutier aka (Gulabo) Gulabo is co-creator of Canadian Forest Tree Essences (.essences.ca) and works as an Emotional Health Consultant dealing with such important issues as stress, insomnia, depression, conflict resolution, mediation and weight loss. [email protected] or tel. 888-410-432 to speak to Gulabo or to make an appointment for a consultation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: