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Take the case of Mage: the wisdom of the Bodhisattva of compassion value, reflected in the face of the suffering of the moment, before still can adhere to compassion response news touched me, the American school shootings occurred, there seems to be a mental disease of young people to the campus shot a lot of children, and then Dutch act. At that time the Taiwan media hype this thing, said the killer spirit has multisplitting of mental illness, many horror and so on, seems to have no other things worth reporting. Those days, I just went to a vegetarian restaurant, the restaurant is a television broadcast with Buddhist groups do love TV, just visit director of news department, as television founded Buddhism background, is to deal with this terrible murder with what point of view? The director said that, all the media in Taiwan, to hype this thing, this will only make the public increasingly jittery, not what positive value. He said that in the United States there is a news, the parents of those who suffer the child, a joint press conference to express their aspirations. The reporter will finally, one of the parents invited all the people present, these kids were killed together for prayer. Finally, he also spoke a word: "please also pray for the murderer, because he did not know what he was doing, he did not know how many people he had hurt; please also pray for the family, because they won’t be better than us." Love TV coverage of this press conference, so that we know that the occurrence of a painful thing, we can still play a sad heart, do not have to live in resentment and fear. Buddha’s wisdom, embodied in the face of suffering the moment, whether it can adhere to the sad heart of the response. The spirit of the Bodhisattva path runs counter to the values of many people in the world. The values of the people of the world is to protect themselves, others to grab over, and not to devote themselves to the achievement of all sentient beings. How do you practice the value of sadness? It takes a heart to heart. There is no doubt that even in this society is not the mainstream values, a lot of people around you to stop doing this, you will insist, because you know that this is a valuable thing in life. Identification of compassion practice for their own lives, and every life, not only in this life, but continued to benefit endless generation after generation.相关的主题文章: