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Business for more than a year, he is going to have poison Runway – Sohu Sike science and technology article and Gao Mengyang, "I want to make a dad evaluation service for the consumer folk Quality Supervision Bureau". Wei Wenfeng has come to the age of 40, from within the system after the resignation of testing still addiction, do a social enterprise — "Dad" evaluation. In the spring of 2014 school season, Wei Wenfeng set off waves in the "toxic" package film detection, in succession in Shanghai, Jiangsu quality supervision departments for quality safety risk monitoring on the market of plastic film bag book. In October last year, Wei Wenfeng, with the support of some parents, the continuous exposure of a number of toxic runway event. It is not the end, Wei Wenfeng also went to the supermarket, hardware stores, paint, Home Furnishing building materials market to buy the product, to do a detailed inspection, a video, forced to question their own to reduce toxic and harmful substances in products…… This world is not the lack of the most absurd, toxic milk powder, waste oil, toxic runway not only make the entire social credit restructuring, but also led to more and more panic in the middle class. "I deeply realize that under tremendous temptation, consciousness and conscience is unreliable. Innocent children, with their own body broke the ‘acceptance certificate’ of a paper lie, has become the current detection of ‘poison runway’ only standard. In a number of manufacturers and stakeholders to Wei Wenfeng as a thorn in the eyes of the fans in the evaluation of the father, Wei Wenfeng is a trustworthy network of red. But the public nature of social enterprises as if to make profit and business these two words natural isolation. "Do public welfare also want to eat, to be able to self hematopoietic, sustainable development, otherwise I burn 1 million yuan, and the project stopped. You don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be able to do the best I can do. "As a has 17 years of product safety testing and chemical toxicology assessment experience certification and inspection engineer, Wei Wenfeng has seen a lot of public safety incidents, also on the industry industry has a profound understanding. Wei Wenfeng said in the traditional detection process, in addition to the official detection, many companies can also spend their own money to do a special inspection agency to do quality certification. But the reality is cruel, because of the information asymmetry, many consumers do not know the actual commodity composition and quality, there is no harm and other information, received a lot of certification and inspection organization is always safe and reliable products, the relevant regulatory authorities of the limited manpower can not reach every aspect of a matter, the quality of the products can only be finally practical to rely on their own conscience. Sometimes it is not relevant departments do not act, but because some industry standards and national standards is actually part of the company’s joint development of the industry. Wei Wenfeng explained to the runway detection data as an example, the attention of the relevant departments of the runway is itself material is not toxic, but ignored the toxicity of these materials in the volatile, finally let the inferior materials to the runway, but also allow more children to pay the price of life. But Wei Wenfeng nearly 20 years of testing career, eventually because his daughter was rewritten. Last year, he found his daughter to pick up相关的主题文章: