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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews What is there to say about the Brother MFC-8820D? Its like a person with an eating problem; its half as fast and twice as heavy as others. Oddly enough, other than its slow print speed and robust weight, it comes complete with all the high performing features of other Brother printers in the line, some of them being quite outstanding. It makes you wonder why the print speed is toned way down to a mere 17 pages per minute. 17 pages per minute print speed, and equal copy speed, is plenty of performance power for a home inkjet or laser, and, realistically, probably most small offices. The problem is, when shelling out the money for a business grade multifunction center, the additional cost should make for an outstanding all around unit. Time is money, and when purchasing a unit intended for thousands of pages of output a month (up to 20,000 pages maximum monthly duty cycle for the MFC-8820D), those seconds add up. As for the seemingly unnecessary forty pound unit weight? I suppose some people just like it heavy. The print resolution, on the other hand, is top notch, running at a clean 2400 X 600 dots per inch. The fax speed is also great, thanks to the 33.6 K per second built in modem, sending and receiving data at a cool 2 seconds per page, or 30 pages a minute. The ample 32 MBs of built in memory can store up to 300 stations for auto dialing, and the unit can broadcast to up to 390 locations in a single fax. Other features include fax forwarding, fax Paging, remote retrieval, and a very useful duplex fax mode which make the MFC-8820Ds faxing capabilities, well, top of the line. Other than the output speed, the copier is also professional grade, with a resolution of 600 X 600 dots per inch your copies will churn out slowly, but clean. Using the duplex feature, you can automatically make double sided copies, which is a great money saver when it comes to paper costs, and also creates professional looking two sided documents and media. The zoom range is from 25 % to 400 %, which allows you to operate in a two, or four in one mode, outputting up to four sheets onto a single piece, or poster mode, in which you can blow up graphics or text up to 4X onto multiple sheets of paper. The paper handling, though relatively slow, is otherwise highly functional. Brother often implements its 250 sheet standard tray, 50 sheet multi purpose tray, and 250 sheet additional optional tray capacities, and this unit is no exception, bringing the total possible input paper capacity to 550 sheets. The 150 sheet output tray and large 50 sheet automatic document feeder are also par for the course in a medium grade professional machine. Ultimately, this Brother performs much like all its brothers and sisters and is equal in many ways, it just seems for some reason to be the fat kid in the bunch, but, if print speed and footprint size are not your top priorities, then the Brother MFC-8820D should serve you quite nicely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: