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Bourne in Spanish Charm – Sohu tour this highly anticipated movie "the Bourne 5", and finally in 23 officially released, this Matt · Damon after ten years after the new masterpiece return so many fans eagerly look forward to, at the age of 45, stay fourth degrees in their adorable occupation career the most famous the role of face although old, but the body is still tough and skill. "The Bourne 5" once again let the audience with Bourne and Bourne explore deeper in the past, also in the picture, action scenes, rhythm, etc. do not lose the actor before the trilogy. Of course, the film is also very hard to shoot behind the scenes, more and more to shoot, and some of the important scenes were shot in spain. Speaking of Spain, what do you think? Is a passionate flamenco, or delicious Spanish ham, or passionate matador? Have to say, Spain is a charming country, here not only has a long history of civilization, and ebullience of people. Among them, Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Barcelona is located in the Mediterranean Sea is not far from the plains and a large forest of mountains, is the Mediterranean’s most prosperous port. As a shining pearl of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city, restaurants, bars and clubs are always crowded with people, like the beach in summer, but also a vibrant place. The Barcelona this charm is worth exploring what experience? The Holy Family Church in Barcelona is a symbol of the city, attracting all the attention of the city. The overall design of the holy family hall is inspired by nature’s caves, mountains, flowers and animals. Catalonia Square: Catalonia square is a large square in the Spanish city of the old city centre of Barcelona, a number of important street intersection in this city, is a shopping, entertainment and transportation center. Columbo monument: the 1888 monument to the tower was built for the world’s fair, with a statue of a statue of 60 meters high at the top of the tower of the tower of Columbo. On top of the tower overlooking the port of Barcelona and Las Ramblas can be beautiful panoramic view. Bartello house: Bartello house was built in 1905 to 1907 years, located in the district had he (Eixample) Garcia Street (Passeig de Gá RCIA) 43. 2005, Bartello’s family was included in the world cultural heritage. Barcelona Triumphal Arch: Triumphal Arch in Barcelona as the main entrance to the 1888 World Expo and the construction, with red brick, which belongs to the Moorish revival style. In front of the lintel engraved with " Barcelona; rep les nacions" ("Barcelona welcomes"). Of course, the charm of Barcelona is far more than that, there are one thousand people in the hearts of the one thousand Hamlett, one"相关的主题文章: