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Investing With government authorities simply turning away from Bitcoin and also with the regular funding it has been receiving for startup, there is a slight confusion in financial sector about the role of this crypto-currency, that whether its here to stay or simple has to go away. The biggest confusion that lies is among the traders who are yet wondering if it would be suitable for them to buy Bitcoins. The condition of this currency is like those of stack algorithms in data structure ones are filling from above, and the others are just leaking from the base. Many traders who have bought Bitcoins already are yet looking for ways to spend it, while many who would like to buy it in future are between minds. This is too obvious that one cannot hold on to a single currency for a lifetime. What will be the mean of Bitcoins if it cannot be spend on something? Bitcoin News along with the other technical information on a daily basis even suggests us options lately how and where to use them. Even the financial service providers second these suggestions totally. SHOPPING Shopping is the most common leisure one could expect from a currency. If you are holding Bitcoins and would like to spend it for buying goods and accessories, then you can use many online shopping portals that accept Bitcoins. BTC Shop: for buying games and electronic accessories. Coingig.com: Bitcoin serves a B2B portal for both buying and selling products online. CyptoAnarchy.com: for buying polo shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, etc. BitMit: Can be used during auctions and bits. Shire Silver: Trading of precious metals like gold and silver is made easier through bitcoins. PornStore: for buying adult accessories. There are an uncountable range of online stores available right now, which accepts Bitcoins. TRAVEL You can further spend Bitcoins in travelling leisure. Reliable sources have suggested that many short term apartment owners and other vacation service providers have started to accept the virtual currency. TRADING Bitcoins can be further exchanged or sold to other traders via trustable exchange portals. They are a great use when it comes to keeping the market value of company high on its valuation in the stock market. Other ways to spend Bitcoins are to spend it other activities such as online gaming, gambling, pizza ordering, automobile parts, and others. Remember there are thousand ways you can spend you Bitcoins, without any problem. About the Author: – – – – Each month in STAT, our charts and commentary reflect on the previous month. For example, a December STAT issue will have Novembers numbers. This month our commentary will focus on year 2015 in review. – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: