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Beijing – VIDEO – overseas financial business gathering in Fujian, Fuqing: convergence of financial business strength and seek common development [comment] the second world business conference held in September 12th in Fuqing City, Fujian Province, the famous hometown of overseas chinese. This is following the December 2010 world financial business conference successfully held, after a lapse of six years, at home and abroad 600 financial business elite together again, the nostalgia, and discuss plans. Fuqing referred to as the "thaw", is the famous hometown of Chinese. The Fuqing native has a population of 1 million 330 thousand, at the same time, there are more than 110 overseas Chinese residing all over the world, distributed in more than and 180 countries and regions. "Overseas Chinese" is the most precious resource and unique advantage of Fuqing. Over the years, Fuqing nationals overseas Chinese, foreign promotion actively promote Fuqing, to invest in their hometowns, while poverty alleviation, distress and rescue, care of vulnerable groups such as spare no effort. Many participants of the overseas Chinese have said in an interview with News Agency reporters in the financial business conference for them to build a good communication platform, new opportunities for the development of Fuqing exchange, but also a firm of the chamber of Commerce in Fuqing investment confidence. The same period [] Macao Fuqing association president Huang Jiansheng to see the world in Fuqing, returned to his ancestral home, to show the unity of Fuqing people all over the world, there will be more business opportunities. [over] the world Fuqing Societies Association executive vice president Wang Ruiming and I believe that through such a process if we recognize, will be aware of their roots in where, to return to their roots where the value, through this process, I believe there will be a lot of people gather in here, have love for our country. [period] Singapore Jiafu group Affiliated Companies general manager Jian Dianhua will give us a platform, with some of those entrepreneurs have experienced here together to communicate with each other, each other to see our future development direction and some strategies to give us learn more, let us do better faster. [interpretation] Fuqing overseas hard work, creating a world of achievements and wealth. According to incomplete statistics, Fuqing overseas Chinese total assets of more than $80 billion, accounting for about 1/30 of the world’s total assets of overseas chinese. Since the reform and opening up, Fuqing Province Overseas Chinese and compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao for hometown welfare donated a total amount of up to 1 billion 800 million yuan. The same day, the general assembly also commended the community to donate outstanding contributions to public welfare award. Reporters learned that, during the second session of the World Congress of the general assembly, will also be held in Fuqing, new opportunities for development and financial business forum, such as the series of business forum activities. Reporter Wu Shengwei Fujian, Fuzhou reports相关的主题文章: