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Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing’s first "down the zebra crossing on Confucius Temple convenient for visitors to Nanjing’s first title:" down the zebra crossing on Confucius Temple visitors [comment] recently, in Nanjing near Confucius temple, Nanjing traffic control department to delimit the new crossing the zebra crossing, unlike other zebra crossing, here a group of two zebra, marked with arrows pointing in different directions, respectively, to remind the public when crossing the street, according to their own direction, choose different zebra. [the same period] (tourists Ma province) such a two way design, on both sides of the road a little safer. [comment] it is understood that the original here also has a zebra, but not on the downside, because of the Confucius Temple scenic area traffic, the pedestrian crossing more into up and down the zebra crossing, to facilitate the public and tourists in Confucius temple street. [the same period] (college student Yang Wanting) zebra crossing so set, it is convenient for tourists to separate the two sides to go, is here in the past and then come over there to avoid the collision, the feeling is very good to set up. In our side, there may not be such a zebra line settings, but I hope it can be if the flow of people in the place can be promoted in the past is still quite good. Reporter Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章: