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The 2 generation: star life miserable money is also pressed in the wall to get this to the public, "playing the movie" star two generation (id:wan2movie) in most people’s eyes are with a golden spoon, a shark’s fin mouth rinse, abalone appetizing Hao life, BUT, when the real situation may not have imagined so cool acid Oh ~ "X" in the propaganda task force, small wood "Scott · Eastwood told the media about his miserable childhood experiences. His father is the famous hero Clint · Eastwood, starred in the "golden three" bridges "ugly", directed the "million dollar baby". To have such a son of actor director father is happy how things ah, but his life style is…… In the small wood at the age of 16 with his 14 year old sister to attend a party, the brother is not too hard to leave her sister, with others to drink beer. When the father found his son, fly, fell on the wall by the throat, hit his face. The dynamic figure from the "million dollar baby" press on the wall… Tough father… Think about routeng > < but this small Eastwood realized that the way of life: he (the father) said to me: you will never be able to stay in the sister party, will not. He is very old, what all not afraid, "can’t beat a child" of this new concept was not him, he is not afraid of others to his behavior. Our family is like this – if you do something wrong, you’ll be punished. I’m learning fast – you can’t do that. It is out of the life philosophy of writers, but do you think there is a tough father only in peacetime play so simple? Eastwood: there is a family all want to have to go for. So the 17 year old little wood on the side of the school while working in a restaurant, do clean the table what ah, usually have to ride a bike back and forth in the classroom and work. He once called Father: "I found a job, can give me 8000 dollars to buy a car? Can I take wages each month how much money you have." Then the phone was silent, and the father said, "no, you have enough now."." He didn’t give me any money. "I do not give a penny," it is really sad to tears, the listener. And small East wood just started as an actor, because he did not want to live under the reputation of his father, he did not use the surname Eastwood, but with the mother’s family name Reeves. (isn’t angry with his father, Koko ~ but because of his father’s "tough guy" education, small wood has become particularly hard, he said very seriously, don’t hate work will just complain about people. I really want to put the baby beat…… I was just working with a younger actor, and a few times I scolded him, ‘he came to me, it’s a job!’ I could hear my dad say something in my heart, and I thought, ‘oh my God, I’m going to be a father.’ Now there are not a lot of people have been raised so much, not much相关的主题文章: