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Autumn tiger fierce! The building of the wall was drying peeling injured pedestrians (Figure) – Beijing (the red circle is out of cement block) Sichuan Zigong news network August 24th news (reporter Xu Zhaolei photo coverage) since August, Zigong suffered a continuous hot weather, scorching sun parched the every corner of the city. For some of the older buildings, such exposure may become its health risks, and even lead to security incidents. 22 PM, Fushun County Road, a residential building in the sun under the sun can not eat. Cement block off a palm of a public houses by the balcony, fell after a pedestrian passing by. Seeing this, enthusiastic people quickly call the police calls, the injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment, but fortunately there is no danger. After the incident, in charge of public housing management in Fushun County Sheng Feng housing rental Co., responsible person immediately rushed to the scene, and actively to appease the families of the injured, advance medical expenses. Accident: the outer wall of cement blocks off the Bank of China this morning, the Sichuan news network reporter in the incident to understand. Occurred off the wall of residential buildings located in eastern Fushun County, River Road reactor was built in 1987, on the ground floor storefront, more than two floor residential, both houses, there are public houses. The right side of the balcony is the sidewalk. According to the downstairs a gift shop owner, Xu in 22 days afternoon 6 when the incident. "Only heard ‘Bang’, to go out to see, it was found that things fell upstairs to the people." The injured was a middle-aged woman, has been injured lying on the ground, the head of a lot of blood flow, the side scattered with a cold dish. According to witnesses, the woman surnamed Xu, work in the vicinity, the incident has just bought home dishes. A nearby snack stalls boss also confirmed the incident, only to hear a sound, he looked up, a palm sized rocks from off the wall, the first hit in the downstairs balcony edge, and hit the floor in the canopy top, again to fall directly out of the sidewalk, a road on the head. "When I catch the last time, saw a man dressed in a red and white dress woman lying on the ground, blood flow over the ground, stone hit the ground after the decomposition into a plurality of small stones, the largest piece of remaining blood and injured hair." The police: the police find objects falling from door to door on the same day, West Lake police station Li Xiangwen after work, just passing the incident. As a local community police, he found a lot of people are watching something. In a professional habit, rushed forward to see, see a woman lying on the ground, head is full of blood, so, Li Xiangwen quickly asked passers-by, and to assist the medical staff to send the injured away. Subsequently, Li Xiangwen contacted the community cadres and members of the grid, see the situation from door to door. "The six floor, every household should check, run to and fro several times, the clothes are wet and dry, dry wet, the body is sticky." Li Xiangwen finally in the building six floor No. 149 of No. 22, the balcony below the fresh off the mark, and the balcony below the canopy was also hit. We analyzed, can fall off the cement block.相关的主题文章: