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Australian men do not buy into the value of millions of houses burned Chinese original title: Australian men do not buy into Chinese burn million housing in new network on 20 February, according to Australia’s new fast network reported, September 2014, 42 year old real estate staff DeLuca (Fabio Deluca) will be a Chinese Melbourne Doncaster all the houses burned before the auction. The reason is that the other party refused its offer of 1 million 400 thousand Australian dollars. It was learned that after being refused, Luca was very angry at that time, unable to control, so the property to be auctioned for a fire. He was still in front of the house, threatening the host in the name of terrorists, saying: "warning."! It’s time for you to leave Australia and never come back. That’s just the beginning, and there’s more to come. If you dare to move on, we’ll have another attack." Judge Tony Howard said that DeLuca had planned revenge. He threatened the Chinese homeowners with the threat of terrorism. It is reported that the property has not been insured, but it has been destroyed. The judge said that the German Luca’s behavior brought economic and spiritual damage to Chinese homeowners, so that they returned to China after the incident. The judge said that Luca should be ashamed of his behavior and regret it. DeLuca, also known as Fabrizio Ferrari, who confessed to theft, arson and threatening charges, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and two years before parole. It is reported that because German Luca suffers from epilepsy and mental illness, the sentence is not easy, but the judge thinks that Germany Luca has a long history of crime, including attacks, criminal damage, deception, etc., so it made such a decision. At present, deluka has been detained for more than 230 days. (Yang Shuna) editor in chief: SN226

澳大利亚男子买房不成 烧掉华人价值百万房屋   原标题:澳大利亚男子买房不成 烧掉华人价值百万房屋   中新网2月20日电 据澳洲新快网报道,2014年9月,42岁的房地产职员德卢卡(Fabio Deluca)将墨尔本Doncaster的一华人所有房屋在拍卖前烧了。原因竟然是对方拒绝了其140万澳元的报价。   据悉,被拒绝后,当时德卢卡非常生气,无法控制,于是将这待拍卖的房产一把火烧了。   他还在房子门前以恐怖分子之名给主人留言威胁,称:“警告!你的时间已到,离开澳洲,永远不要回来。这才是刚刚开始,还有更多要来。你若敢有下一步行动,我们就会有下一次袭击。”   法官Tony Howard说,德卢卡是有计划地报复。他以恐怖分子指明留下威胁是为了让这个中国房主恐慌。   据悉,该套房产并未投保,但已被破坏了。   法官说,德卢卡的行为给华人房主带来了经济和精神损害,使得他们在事发后回到了中国。   法官称,德卢卡应该对自己的行为感到羞愧和后悔。德卢卡,又称Fabrizio Ferrari,承认了盗窃,纵火和威胁罪名,被判三年的刑期,服刑两年后才可以假释。   据悉,因为德卢卡患有癫痫及精神疾病,判决刑期并不容易,但法官认为德卢卡具有较长时间的犯罪史,包括袭击、刑事损坏、欺骗等,所以才做出了这样的判决。   目前,德卢卡已被拘留230多天。(杨淑娜) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: