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Any drug man for his girlfriend to keep traders suck caught the original title: any drug Fujian man to keep traders suck for friends in new network Nanping on 27 September, (Pan Wanling Chen Meiqin Chen Qinlin) Fujian police disclosure 27, Fujian Jianou a man to drug dealers, to keep traders suck as a friend was arrested. The man Wang Moumou 25 years old this year, due to drug-related repeatedly by Jianou police crackdown. He just got out of prison seven or eight months ago, after he was released from prison, he wanted to live a good life and make a girlfriend to get married. Wang did not help his girlfriend out of addiction, but in the atmosphere under the temptation of drug addicted again. Because two people taking drugs to huge expenses, and no economic sources, Wang Moumou again again, stem from the drug trafficking crime. In "hurricane narcotics" action, the Jianou Municipal Public Security Bureau police station east Master Wang the crime of drug trafficking. The evening of September 26th, the police through the months of waiting, Wang Moumou home and arrested him. Wang Moumou was arrested after regret, a few months "foggy" life and his face will become as trassient as a fleeting cloud, is a career high. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: