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Annie Yi: the whole world had to be black because I spit slobber light too bright Annie Yi and son of wacky self (map) Phoenix Entertainment News according to Taiwan media reports, actress Annie Yi and Harlem Yu after divorce, suffering from external malicious attack, but she is always strong enough to walk its own way, not only in many women have to give up the age of love, courage to marry 10 year old Qin Hao, they gave birth to a lovely baby girl "rice", she recalled those tough times in the past, admitted at the age of 30 when the most vulnerable, but fortunately the small son Harry to accompany in the side, let her have the courage to stand up again. Annie Yi micro-blog wrote, received a friend to mail "to my mind the most afraid of black woman", she thought of a lot of things of the past, at the age of 20 began to support the family, love, death, love to give up when she shot the film directed by Hsiao-Hsien Hou, not to go to Hongkong development, stay in Japan the album, just only want to get married, "thought by his family set up unhappy childhood will make up for". However, Annie Yi at the age of 30, seems to see the reality, "I severely hurt myself, at that time she experienced" the whole world is in a vulnerable time for me to spit slobber ", but have a sweet son always before holding her said:" Mommy, I love you, good night, see you tomorrow." The son’s embrace let her know that every tomorrow, than today’s own a little stronger". Later, Annie Yi decided to fly to India to find their own, "the lost myself, I’m going to take her back, she made several wishes before departure, in addition to the child and family health," I solemnly said to God, I still believe in love, I still want to marriage, want to have children, "Qiao is she a night in the city, is just the Qin Hao home," doomed, a few years later we will meet". In an instant, Annie Yi now has re love, marriage, children, back to friends to send the email to my mind the most afraid of black woman ", she said:" I was black!" But even if it was the black people who love her for a lifetime, but also more and more, "I want not to be black life, what I want is since comfortable in yourself, maybe some people think it is because we need to emit light too bright".相关的主题文章: