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Internet-and-Business-Online If you are serious about home business lead generation using video marketing you know that it takes a lot of work and dedication to create your content. This article will reveal why the top marketers use video leverage to generate hundreds of leads. What is Video Leverage? – It is a way of maximizing your content. In order to generate a lot of targeted traffic using video marketing you need to consistently create good quality videos. Basically the more good quality videos out there the better. Each video is an agent looking for prospects! What is the Big Deal? – With video leverage one video can be submitted to many video sharing sites. For example you may create 3 videos a week based on your keywords. Using this method means each video can be leveraged to 5 or more. So if we work on the example of 3 videos a week that means 12 videos a month. If we were to use video leverage this would mean 60 videos a month! Is it Free? – The answer to this is that it is and it isn’t. There is a free service called Tube Mogul, and other paid services. The paid services will probably do a great job but I have personally used Tube Mogul for home business lead generation and would re.mend the service. I would suggest checking out this free option 1st and see if you would agree. How can you make money? – Using leverage for video marketing will give you more exposure to prospects. Each video you create and then leverage is a link back to your website which should have a mechanism to collect information to build a list. Alternatively each video can have a link directed to a sales page. The best way to maximise your home business lead generation is to feed into a sales funnel. A sales funnel is what all top earners use to maximise their leads. This system will allow you to make money even if your leads do not decide to join your primary home based business. The top marketers know and understand that 95% of their leads will not want to join their home business. If you are not using a sales funnel you are throwing 95% of your hard earned leads away. I suggest that you use this method outlined in this article to .plement your video marketing and also attach a sales funnel to mo.ize those 95% that would usually not be used. To your success About the Author: 相关的主题文章: