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Exclusive: a variety of large unmanned aircraft in Zhuhai overseas Sohu sell crazy brother military channel page first: a variety of large UAV in Zhuhai [Abstract] the past Zhuhai exhibition over the rainbow 3, before the two session of the 4 shows the rainbow, rainbow 5 large uavs. Rainbow 5 large UAV similar to the U.S. predator B, rainbow 4 with predators almost. Aerospace sector these years to engage in large UAVs or medium-sized UAV should be very hot, and a large amount of exports, sold to many countries. November 1, 2016 – 6, Eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai City, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participating, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of more than and 900 active duty weaponry will be unveiled. Sohu military on the majority of users are most concerned about the development of domestic weapons and equipment, inviting many military experts to interpret for friends. Moderator: we have just recently successfully launched the manned spacecraft Shenzhou eleven, and with the September launch of Tiangong two, rendezvous and docking, this also shows that China is gradually consolidate space powers. This year marks the 60 anniversary of the founding of China aerospace industry, according to the organizers, the show site will hold more than 60 anniversary as the theme of the activities. In the air show in aerospace products in order to "arrow star ship" as the representative of what is worthy of our attention? Fu Qianshao: now the audience may be more concerned about flying in the sky of the Shenzhou No. eleven and No. two temple after docking two astronauts in Tiangong two in what to do scientific research, this time on the ground exhibited a lot with them about the exhibits in the museum exhibition space at Zhuhai, there may be some physical model, I estimate Tiangong two will have, the Shenzhou eleven will have, some capsule kind, there is a wide variety of satellite, especially the Beidou satellite. Beidou satellite in the past has repeatedly exhibited the overall model, spatial distribution. In addition, from the perspective of the launch vehicle, we have basically formed a series, the Long March two, the Long March, the long march four, long march six, long march seven, the long march eleven. I have to show these estimates in the form of a model, and in the show the most noteworthy is the long march five March five, probably in November 3rd to launch the ascension, this is the largest rocket developed in china. Now the Temple No. two, its weight is eight tons, which is currently the largest. Once the successful launch of the long march five, the technology is mature, it launched the experimental chamber or the future space station cabin can reach 20 tons, then the Mir space station cabin is almost the size of 20 tons, eighteen nine tons, if we can reach the capacity of 25 tons, the construction of a large and medium-sized space station it laid the foundation for the foundation of deep space exploration, the next step is to lay a very good. Extended reading: the largest domestic UAV "Rainbow five" first flight with a wingspan of 20 meters Chinese armed drones selling middle east African peacekeeping force has been equipped with the second page: the younger brother has been crazy to sell overseas "cloud" seems to be a U.S. Global Hawk UAV as a charm, the back and the intake layout. Replacement.相关的主题文章: