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Dating It is not news that men want to date hot and beautiful ladies. There are lots of things that attract women instantly. Your looks, wealth, attitude, physique and many other qualities are used to catch the attention of women. But there is one quality that people overlooked but work greatly if you can use it. Thats the power of the word. 1. Start and keep the conversation going: If you see a girl that you like, you should go and start the conversation and talk about things that will interest her. Dont think she will keep the conversation going, it is your own responsibility to do that because youre the one who approached her. Try to avoid topic like politics, sport and talk about relationship, health and women related topic 2. You need to be honest with your compliments: If you want to compliment her, let it be honest. Just say something beautiful about her and do not overdo it because if you do, she will know that youre deceiving her. Women like straight and honest compliment than any other compliment that is not true about them. 3. Treat her like a woman: You need to know that what women like is quite different from what men like. Men may like talking about football and other sport related issues, but women may not like that topic. If youre talking to woman and starting talking about sport may not be of interest to her. And if care is not taking, she may leave and never come back again. So, in your discussion try to talk about pet, health and any topic that will keep her interest. 4. Talk about general things: In your discussion, try to talk about general things because there are topics that have nothing to do with gender. Women will like it more and be open to you when she discovers that youre making her day. 5. When talking to ladies, never pass prejudiced comments: Dont talk harsh on religion or ladies, saying something like that will make her lose interest in what you are saying immediately. Avoid anything that has to do with racists, and be friendly with everybody around you. 6. Try to be funny and playful: You dont need to look serious all the time. Women like to feel relax, so you need to make her laugh by cracking a sensible joke. Please, make sure that you control every word that comes out of your mouth and make sense. 7. When talking, use your eye contact: women like to be romantic and you just have to be romantic also to be able to attract her. Look at her eyes and smile a bit without looking away. She will also respond by smiling back at you and you will automatically have her trust. Do you want to learn how to use eyes contact to attract beautiful ladies click here to see how it is done. Read Tao of Badass for more dating advice for men who are looking for hot ladies. For more information on how to date hot and beautiful ladies as an average guy, go to .tinyurl../lqjcd5q 相关的主题文章: