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Finance Japanese stock market research agency Harver Group today announced the appointment of Mr Stephen Rogers as an Executive Director on the .panys Board of Directors. May 12, 2013 – CHUO-KU, Japan — Spokesperson Mr Peter Williams at the Tokyo based investment research firm Harver Group this morning announced at an investor meeting, that Mr Stephen Rogers, who currently serves with Harver Group as the Director of Private Equity, will as of today also serve as an Executive on the .panys board of directors. His newly undertaken role will see Mr Rogers contribute to board room policy making, corporate governance and other .pliance related matters. Mr Rogers who graduated from the Oxford University in the United Kingdom, before returning to study at the London School Of Economics, and finally beginning his career within the UK banking industry. He has worked with Harver Group for almost 10 years now, and his appointment to the board of directors reflects those years of loyal service, his technical expertise, and his excellent performance within the markets over that period. Mr Nathan Bradley, Head of Investment Analysis at Harver Group said Ive personally worked with Stephen for many years, and he has outperformed the markets and his .petitors year in year out, so I can think of no one who deserves the appointment more than he does. Despite his appointment to this new position, Mr Rogers will continue to work in his current role as Director of Private Equity on a daily basis for at least the next 5 years until the end of the term of his contract, and will of course maintain his current client portfolio himself. For his client base therefore, there will be no immediate changes. Mr Rogers himself also .mented upon his appointment saying Im certainly very pleased and honoured to have had my efforts recognised, and I will deliver the results expected of me. ABOUT US Harver Group is a privately owned and run investment .pany with a prime focus towards world-class current projects from the early to late stages of the .panys development. Harver Group help in the development of remarkable .panies who have the need for a well connected and placed partner to help when the need arises for financial assistance by a team with management and strategic business acumen. With vast experience in the finance industry and their various processes of development, Harver Group can capitalize in on projects that offer potential within niche markets and across the technology and life sciences sectors. Harver Group prides ourselves on the fact that we are a constantly evolving .pany, we are atoned to returning a balanced investment strategy, and we consistently deliver high Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: