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Arts-and-Entertainment If you, like me, are an avid book lover, you will .e to dread certain places, activities and situations, as they are not suitable environments for reading and enjoying your favorite books. Driving, working out, doing housework all seem so boring without a good book! It was not until quite recently that the thought of — gasp– listening to a book no longer filled me with as much dread and disgust as the thought of choosing to not read a Hemingway novel, but instead to watch the miniseries adaptation! But recently, when I found myself required to make a cross-country drive, I made a split-second decision to pick up a few audiobooks to help keep me awake during my long, tedious hours at the wheel. To my surprise, I was quite pleased with the experience. Audio books that I found were unabridged versions, meaning that the original version is .pletely transferred over into the audio version, no editing. These titles are wonderfully read by a host of voice talent from The Nanny Diaries read by Julia Roberts to The Norwalk Watch read by the deep, expressive George Watson. When I returned from my trip, I began incorporating audiobooks into my daily reading routine. On my morning .mute, while doing light paperwork or research, at the gym, and even in the shower with waterproof headphones, I "read". I "read" at work, while housecleaning, and while cooking. I became even more obsessed with works of literature after I found hundreds of thousands of audio books to download from websites online. Downloading audiobooks proved to me to be simpler, faster, more convenient and less expensive than purchasing new hardcovers or paperbacks at a bookstore. Additionally, I discovered that audiobooks could be many genres other than just fiction. I found numerous nonfiction titles as well. Self-help, finance, biographies, different kinds of science . . . I even discovered online that there were fascinating lectures available that are delivered by top-ranking professors. Many people feel that listening to an audiobook is just as much fun as reading. Unabridged versions of audiobooks guarantee you won’t miss any of the content or meaning of the printed page. Anywhere you can take your CD or MP3 player you can listen, so no more lugging around a heavy hardback! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: