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Hsu Chi Stephen Fung Andy Lau embarrassed when fitting flash "costar" Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung (red box) sweet, Andy Lau (left box), Jean Reno (right box) becomes passers-by Stephen Fung micro-blog Tencent screenshot entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung announced this month 3 days after marriage, to continue filming in Czech Prague directed by Stephen Fung the film "Knight alliance", the Hsu Chi said the movie studio footage and fixing, continue to share at the film, she and Stephen Fung "box" screen is only 5 seconds, today for Stephen Fung flash, HD super large collection for fans. Stephen Fung this morning on micro-blog came a large photo of the crew shot mark, all set, or let people see the middle spot, Hsu Chi snuggled up to his playful gestures, the clothing to black and white, there are side Reynolds, Andy Lau and Tony Yang, but the couple sweet atmosphere since two people, small world, international superstar King guy to intervene, interestingly, probably because of the glare of the sun, although Andy Lau smile than YA, but frown out kind of embarrassed. Friends laugh, Feng is the most eye-catching, at the moment feel Andy Lau is a supporting role". Hsu Chi talk about marriage marriage waste of youth life相关的主题文章: