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Ang Lee’s first weekend box office performance lack of momentum is less than the same period in the new science fiction film – Ang Lee film "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" has not been released, it has been on new technology 120 frame 4K 3D provoke the curiosity of the fans. But from the first week at the box office performance, the general audience of new technology does not seem so sought after, although the first week at the box office score of 80 million 450 thousand over the same period of release, but failed to shake the "singular" Dr. Wei animation blockbuster box office champion position. In the dazzling stunts and high-definition images of two kinds of technology, the audience chose the former. Relying on Ang Lee’s consistent brand effect and premiere media alike, "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" Friday released row piece of nearly 30% received strong support from the theater, but the first day of the final 26 million 250 thousand of the score is not rosy, but was the second odd row piece "," counter ultra, attendance even less than the Japanese animation "Sea King" and "golden city guochanpian Grandpa Christina 38". Premiere tepid led directly to the two day weekend schedule on Saturday, fell for two consecutive days, "Billy? Are less than half of the Lynn midfield war" the "strange", even a single day at the box office, the latter has been released for two weeks. 4 years ago when the "life of Pi", although reflected the former is not widely optimistic, but with a high reputation at the box office is strong, even in the face of attack "King’s Feast" and "1942", ultimately won 570 million at the box office. Now, "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" although good reputation, but I’m afraid it is difficult to copy the young pie "the way counter attack. This is because the new technology brings change as "strange", visual effects so large so eye-catching, on the other hand, from the content point of view, the American soldiers, the war in Iraq, a football game…… These keywords are not attractive to the domestic audience. The whole film focuses on the characterization of the heart, the lack of strong drama conflict, unlike the "juvenile school" in the story and the visual effect of the two aspects of the audience to bring a fantastic viewing experience. The critic Li Xingwen believes that "Billy"? The Lynn midfield war "pressed" strange doctor ", the audience is familiar with the vision and enjoy the delicious, do not put a discount on technological innovation, 120 frames to buy tickets." Due to the "Billy? Lynn’s midfield before the propaganda war" reflect the focus on the breakthrough of new technology 120 frame 4K 3D, and the country can really show the format only in Beijing and Shanghai two hall, so the national audience, they are only the second, 60 frames, ordinary version selection 2K or 24 frames, this also let fans cool slightly. With the low version low attendance correspondingly, 120 frame 4K 3D version of the fire to the hard to get a vote. Beijing Bona studios u-town hall 2 stores in Beijing is the only one to show the highest format of the hall, the hall all day long loop 8 "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war", but with only 250 seats, far can not meet the needs of the young artists of Beijing, the ticket hall in a long queue, scalpers opportunistic out. A view of ten at night in the field of view of 3相关的主题文章: