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Hey, kid, Li Xiaoran was black beauty salon forced breast augmentation? Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong were dating smile elegant wine recently, Zhejiang TV hit TV series "Hey, kids" caused universal hot, double harvest ratings, reputation, major media websites and social networking platforms have focused this year the big topic of drama. In yesterday’s broadcast of the two focus, "energy-saving" Jia Yuanyuan (played by Li Xiaoran) for an interview with black beauty salons to "customer identity in-depth investigation", who knows but was forced into the surgery’s "breast", "thanks to protect his wife warm male Party Music (played by Liu Tianzuo) arrived in time to save his wife. In a series of ironic events will play a humorous comedy style to show exhaustively, and three couples as "children" suffered hardships and contradictions and is filled with a thousand regrets. Li Xiaoran Liu Tianzuo has a deep behind the face with Zhejiang TV "Hey, kids" joke "fancy ratings lead users since the TV drama" the birth of law "Hey, children" in Zhejiang satellite TV Chinese blue theater "debut", will continue to "occupation" of the national TV ranking first. TV drama "Hey, kids" to "pay attention to the life, rooted in reality" urban social reality theme, push bar broadcast war play talent shows itself in the same period, to give the audience more opera, won a piece of praise. In a strong platform resource "Zhejiang TV" of the halo shadow, TV drama "Hey, kids" itself quality content creation also got more and more attention, the two day broadcast on the network set off a national debate. The topic of "giving birth to children" has continued to ferment, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the problem of "children". There are users of the "children" have a new understanding of "the three couples who are more or less, can see our own shadow. Life itself is not easy, before the birth of a child will bring too much trouble, but now feel as long as they will be very happy to see ah!" Some netizens also deeply felt "father a simple kind of drama drama is the birth of the day, then I think the mother gave birth to law could book a fancy." Spicy female anchor Jia Yuanyuan look at themselves in the mirror of resentment from years of "malicious" fat, "baby Liu Tianzuo as captain of three couples with the" secret sorrow "and" baby brigade "in three couples each have their own distress, sister Fang Yun (played by Jiang Wenli) wanted for her husband Qin Shuanzhu (played by Guo Xiaodong) leave offspring, even borrow eggs do children machines are most willing to, the" great spirit "to Qin Shuanzhu that his wife kids like crazy. Sister direction (Qi Xi played) for his "DINK" feel indignant, to her husband is Beijing (played by Han Qing) would like to put forward the "frozen eggs" idea, her husband mocked "vexatious". In the latest episode of the second, among the most impressive. In hot anchor Jia Yuanyuan (played by Li Xiaoran) with black beauty salon will be pulled on the operating table "breast", music (played by Liu Tianzuo) in the first time rushed to the scene the hero to save his wife, he wore a dirty ruffian handsome image of the audience remember the name for a sweet man the "offbeat warm man". As a family of three married couples "baby.相关的主题文章: