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Macao Chaozhou youth home "roots" feel the new network in Chaoshan traditional culture – August 16th to 18, Macao Chaoshan Culture Association of short-term training courses in Shantou University classes, courses to "roots" as the main line, a series of Chaoshan folk songs, overseas Chinese archives, "he" culture and other content, and through snazz master student art the opera actor, and school performance, listening to the Chaoshan dialect "coffee" dialect, to feel the history museum etc., learning and culture of Chaoshan dialect experience combine to help Macao second and the third generations of students learning tide Shantou Chaoshan culture, feelings of hometown accent, motivate their inheritance unity, hard-working Chaozhou spirit. President of the Macao Chaoshan Culture Association Chen Weichi introduction, this is the first time of association in cooperation with the Shantou University offered short-term training for a period of 3 days. Recently, the reporter approached the Macao Shan Ji youth, with the feeling of Chaoshan culture charm. – the Nanfang Daily reporter Yu Dan Intern Ding Yidan Chaoshan students enthusiastic hometown culture "in the spring and Autumn period of learning, living in the ancient Baiyue people and ancient people speak Taiwanese, Chaozhou? The older generation have said his mother"? "Can be seen preserved traces of ancient……" The College of Shantou University associate professor Chen Fanfan pointing to the projector screen in the Chaozhou Shantou map, with a side of the origin and development of the students from Macao back the Chaoshan dialect. 34 students on Taiwan under the staring at the combination of strange words appear on the screen, with interest in pronunciation, once met their familiar words, then a face proudly shouted, this scene is convulsed. "I have little chance to understand like this Chaozhou Dialect, although occasionally at home in Macao, but today learned, such as the historical origin of Chaoshan dialect, is usually very difficult to access." As the second generation of Macao Chaozhou Ji young, He Yinglin was a request by the parents "must speak Teochew", in the face of fellow, have to communicate with the native dialect, occasionally accompanied them to watch the opera." "Learning opera performances, DIY paper-cut, Chaozhou sing songs, we are playing awfully," He Yinglin said: "in fact, every year I follow their parents to visit relatives, but had little understanding of Chaoshan culture." Lin Guanxu in talking about his knowledge in the training period, called "very surprised". As the third generation of Macao Chaozhou youth, he had never had any contact with the opera this only belongs to the Chaoshan area of the opera, "did not think there was such a vivid opera hometown. In class, the teacher taught us to hand in hand." Lin Guanxu told reporters that this is not the first time he participated in the activities organized by the Macao Association of Chaoshan culture, "before I joined a" scout ", to visit the Chaozhou Temple Xiangzi bridge and korean." In his view, the birth and growth of the young generation in Macao, Chaoshan culture is gradually losing some traces, "I hope more in contact with the home culture, to better introduce others will spread out Chaoshan Chaoshan culture." Pay attention to the combination of elegance and taste, according to Yang Qingjie, vice president of Shantou University.相关的主题文章: