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Please film market less "routine" more sincerity – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai September 11th new media news (reporter Wang Wangwang) in the past 5 years, the mainland film market is running trend, and the number of box office movie is gone all the way, but the problem has cropped up at the box office, special edition, false content crudely made 3D "routine" to more and more fans "too much". Just over the summer file, released more than and 100 movies, the number is more than last year, a few more than 10, but the final box office was only $12 billion 400 million, just basically flat with last year, the growth of stagnation. As everyone knows, over the past 3 years, the mainland summer movie box office average growth rate of over 40%. The market is cold quenching, but fans hearts. The summer of this year, few people have been willing to domestic films "tap water", there are word of mouth for the conscience of the last year, as "return" phenomenon "that the hugely popular explosive goods is no more, but more of a Tucao sound and sound regret. Data show that in the summer of this year released 70% domestic films, the film watercress score below 6 points, scoring more than 7 points in the domestic films accounted for less than 10% last year and 15%, and 3 points below the low reputation work proportion was more than 20%, compared to last year increased significantly. Film should pay attention to its artistic value, but in the past few years, the high growth of China’s film market, led to a large number of capital surges. The excessive pursuit of the input-output ratio, pursuit eye effect, IP, team hype gimmick, the idea of making money first with sincerity is obviously insufficient, this from the root to ignore the film as an art and bring the audience the beauty and pleasure. However, the audience is no longer "fool", will naturally go to vote with their feet. After the capital of the film market also appeared in a new play, which guaranteed issue "also appeared in the brush box office and other bad phenomenon. On the product side, before the release of the film to sell the box office income right, do the box at the end, on the base side, through a "gamble" have the opportunity to take the hot film project, if you bet on, can also make a lot of money. And this summer summer five through the "guaranteed issue" film is almost suffered a complete defeat, visible "guaranteed issue" is not what a gilded signboard. Some netizens commented: "for the film itself, the story of creation, we speak less and less, naked fishing gold has ambitions to get on the table as a movie about. Compared to the quality, the filmmakers are now more concerned about the heat." At present, more and more various interests at the box office, in front of the capital, how to ensure the heart do not forget the beginning to build the ingenuity of the film, is the only person to face the problem. This summer’s full description of the file, in the past can not make a film that can make money bubble summer has passed. No matter how fierce the film offensive, starring luxury, IP stunt how much, but also arrived in the conscience of the film production. Cool down the market in order to calm down, think about the road ahead, less routines, more sincerity, less talk about the box office, more than word of mouth, the market can be a long boom.相关的主题文章: