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Lots of elaborate design from those cars have an ulterior motive car birth to now, has been in the past 100 years. In the 100 years of the long river, the birth of a lot of classic design elements, and these design elements, more or less, has become the essence of the brand to be part of the heritage. Key hole position first we talk about Porsche’s key hole, under normal circumstances, the vast majority of the key hole in the steering wheel on the right side of the car, if there is no key to start, then the button is generally on the right. But there is a special case, that is, Porsche, Porsche now all the cars, key holes are on the left side of the steering wheel. The key hole of Porsche in order to make their own drivers can in the shortest time, especially the key hole is arranged on the position of the steering wheel on the left, so the driver in the car, you can start the ignition, while with the left side of the shift lever is cut into 1 files with the right hand, complete a beautiful start. TOYOTA crown speedometer, uniform scale and then we talk about the dashboard of the car, mainly speed meter. In general, the speed scale is uniform, if the maximum speed is 240, then in the direction of 12 o’clock, generally are 120. But there are also special cases, especially many German brand cars, speedometer scale is uneven. For example, Audi, we can take the Audi A6L (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), for example, it is the largest meter reading 300, but at 12 o’clock, the speed is 140. In fact, this is also good, because if not in China, track, if not illegal, then you dial the right is not used, and the loose settings left, more easy to see the specific speed, avoid the illegal. Located in the seat of the left or right of general electric seat adjustment general automobile seat adjustment, control buttons are located on the left side of the seat (the main drive) or right (copilot), but Mercedes Benz is more special, it put the seat adjustment button on the door. At the door button on the door Benz car seat adjustment, is easier to see, especially for luxury cars, a lot of regulation, so it is easy to find the first time you want to adjust the direction. Finally, we talk about luxury brand Rolls-Royce, the brand does have too many elements of the classic design, of course, must be recognized as a luxury brand, the design itself has been enlarged. The first said, this design inspired by ancient Greek Parthenon temple, the Parthenon is a perfect example of the architecture inside the "Golden Rectangle", while Rolls-Royce’s designers clearly in the design on the use of the proportion of the grid. The second is the Rolls-Royce golden body waist, the waist is optional, and drawn by Rolls-Royce craftsman, the price is very expensive. Inside the door is the last umbrella umbrella, Rolls-Royce, although the reality is a member of BMW, but it is British descent. The United Kingdom is a rainy country, in order to grace (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), so the Rolls-Royce door equipped with an umbrella. To protect privacy, it is more important for female guests, the driver to open the umbrella between the two doors, then the umbrella and the door will form a "closed" area, even if the dress again?相关的主题文章: