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Beijing Tongzhou PM2.5 continuous improvement rate in August ranked first in the city of Beijing, July 22, 2015 – the Sohu news, mobile phone photographers panoramic Lucheng town Tongzhou. Figure IC Tongzhou Oriental the Grande Canale high-rise next to its reflection in the water, with total integrated. Information workers are working in the city of Beijing vice center administrative office site construction. Data picture now, in order to ensure that the new round of reform to win at the starting line, upgraded to the city’s deputy center of Tongzhou is to create a craftsman spirit of Beijing’s historic projects and urban model. How to promote the better development of city center, Tongzhou District Secretary Yang Bin said in an interview yesterday, Tongzhou by breaking in the demolition, renovation of shanty towns Lucheng, while simplifying the administrative examination and approval process, shorten the project approval time. In the field of education and health, respectively, a legal integration management and comprehensive medical conjoined reform, to solve the people’s livelihood issues of most concern. In addition, the reporter learned that, in 2016 1-8 months, the cumulative rate of improvement of Tongzhou PM2.5 20% year on year, ranked first in the city for the first time in a row, air quality standards for the number of days of 124 days, an increase of 30 days. On the demolition of 19 days to complete the demolition of the demolition of the village, said Yang Bin, Deputy Center building in the demolition of the first break, through the implementation of the overall system to fight the battle mechanism, the effect has been fully demonstrated in the. Lucheng in the transformation of shanty towns, a number of departments directly assigned to play their respective advantages and possessions. The complete demolition tasks for a period of 4 months, two with only 19 days to complete the 11 villages, 9 square kilometers and 100% residential field signing rate, as a key project started smoothly to make room, set aside time. At the same time, the establishment of the Beijing city center Tongzhou District coordination and joint command, and the leading group construction deputy office of docking services and co-ordination of various departments in the region, forming the upper and lower one linkage mechanism for promoting. The establishment of the "planning mechanism of urban linkage, promote", promote efficient organization docking 15 thematic research, 17 special planning, the overall planning of Tongzhou City, 155 square kilometers and four design planning work. Talk about simplifying administrative examination and approval to cancel the administrative examination and approval of 392 projects in the center of the city center, how to shorten the administrative examination and approval process? Yang Bin said, in the past the long approval cycle, some project approval time for a year or longer, this is extremely inappropriate and speeding up the construction of sub center, the city vigorously accelerate the reform of the administrative examination and approval, the approval time is shortened. Such as Tongzhou, Beijing fifth campus will be started ahead of time more than half a year. In recent years, were canceled, undertake 392 administrative examination and approval, to complete the "three in one, a photo of a code registration system reform. At the same time, they vigorously promote the development of public services in Beijing city construction project investment approval reform landing, refine the implementation of the program in Tongzhou District, effectively promote the construction of urban sub center public service facilities. Since the implementation of the "three letter" system, the project has been made in the early work of the letter, the design of the project to achieve a total of 7 Chrysanthemum相关的主题文章: