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Outsourcing The survival in the CAD & CAM industry is guaranteed only if you are willing to devote your skills, knowledge and professional experience in the field of CAD B2B outsourcing market. Working as a freelance CAD drafter is a possible option for you to increase revenues and expand your CAD business. You can search for CAD freelance project work in search engines, but it is more effective to use certain sites that offer outsourced CAD work and projects. If you are planning to build your career as a freelance CAD drafter, here are some points you should consider: 1. Set the online presence. You should set your online presence by creating a .prehensive CAD profile. You can do this either by creating your own website or using specialized online services. Keep in mind that even though you have your own personal website, this does not essentially mean that .panies can locate you and consequently award you CAD freelance jobs and projects. You must list your business in professional CAD directories. 2. Craft a good portfolio. Your portfolio is your .panys image in the market. If you want to build your credit in freelance CAD industry, your portfolio should mirror what you are marketing. Bear in mind that your portfolio is your business card, make sure that you create it well. Make sure that you .prise your best most presentable works. Some of the good qualities of an efficient portfolio are: well organized, clear, and professional looking. 3. Build and maintain good working relationships. You must have to build and maintain good working relationships with your clients in order to take referring work. It is little difficult for the people to create and maintain a good relationship online. To build good working relationships, all you have to do is to maintain good .munication with your clients and always be there when they have questions or queries. 4. Promote and/or market yourself. You can do this by signing up with an online marketplace, by creating a dedicated website, by creating own promotional materials, program or design or by social .working. 5. Bear in mind that this is a business. You can do this by maintaining regular office hours when youve accepted a new project. You can also do this, always ensure that the signing of the agreement and receive half of the payment as soon as the project begins to move forward. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: