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The CEO Jason: start-up companies how to achieve exponential growth of Sohu technology Leidi Lotte network reported on September 3rd Focus Media CEO Jason Jiang days before school, at A on the Internet and other activities on the Yangtze River alumni Society launched a share, Jiangnanchun in sharing start-up companies how to do about exponential growth. Jason Jiang believes that to achieve exponential growth of several elements, startups are: open innovation category or characteristics; seize the time window; saturation attack in time window. "They all end up in the minds of consumers occupy a category or characteristic, occupy a particular word in the minds of consumers: one of the most simple reason for consumers to choose you instead of others." Jason Jiang believes that the homogenization in Chinese is inevitable, because the technology and business models will be copied. Innovation of technology and model can bring you a time window, the key is in the time window, you can not take the lead in the minds of consumers to occupy the first place, the market can only remember the first. "The mind is very simple, who can become the first to enter the minds of consumers, who can take the initiative, then the cost is enormous, and often paid a huge price is not known." Jason Jiang pointed out that in the case, the focus is called positioning — "tipping mainstream focus", the focus is already a revenue of over 10 billion ultra billion market capitalization company, but most of the things ten years do is to bet on the elevator scene. Elevator is the infrastructure of urbanization, China’s 400 million urban population, the audience to see the 200 million. Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, drops more than 5 thousand and 400 brand advertising focus. Because the elevator represents four words: the mainstream crowd, through, high-frequency, low interference. These four words is the core and the most scarce resources detonated today brand. Jason Jiang also pointed out that the 1 million 100 thousand lift poster, 180 thousand lift TV, 500 million passengers daily to reach the city mainstream crowd, the core value lies in it is detonated in the mainstream wind vane crowd, leading the city consumption upgrade. Jiangnanchun share is as follows: I graduated from the Department of Chinese, very early to see the moral, I was very impressed by the moral. There are five words in the moral world: "Tao, heaven, earth, man and law"". Later, I walked into the mall from the Chinese Department, from another point of view: what is the sky? The sky is the time, the time window. Every company has an obvious time window. What is it? I think the ground is the channel. How can you sell your products and services through a wide range of channels. What is man? Person is a team. The team is often a very important element. What is the law? Law is operation. Efficiency and capability of operation management. "Heaven, earth, people, law" have, then what is the way? Why the "road" in the first place? These years I got a conclusion the biggest road "is:" Tao "is popular, very popular in the world, I think how to get the user’s heart is the core of an enterprise, how to determine the one and only you in the minds of consumers.

76Guyu on Gold crude oil asphalt, more than a single silver weekly bearish avoidance, more than a sing|Guyu on Gold crude oil asphalt, more than a single silver weekly bearish avoidance, more than a sing0

Guyu on Gold: crude oil asphalt, more than a single silver weekly bearish avoidance, more than a single release Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! To do a single principle: not an average single. After a number of bills to enter the market to go back to explain the judgment may be a problem, blindly add a single average price, although slightly better, but if the party is wrong, the new addition of a single mistake on the wrong. Conversely, if you believe that the right side of the question, but the price is not good enough, then do not have to care too much. I believe that where the single is not important, the key is whether you are bullish or bearish on this day. A novice asked: you are buying or selling? No matter whether he is buying or selling should not influence others to judge the market. Novice should also be independent thinking. Another question is: where do you start to buy? I think this is also the day to earn or lose nothing to do, the key is to determine the rise and fall. Silver, gold week trend form and consistent, three Yin Yang daily, weekly down on small line. Just finished lower intensity, the silver momentum, after Wednesday, Thursday Friday two small Yin, Yin zapan, the lowest price of 18.98 to 19.02, the daily line, the price went to 19.1 below support 19.2. The current pressure on the silver is mainly concentrated in the 20 integer mark, intraday resistance is located at 19.4, 19.75 place, below the support of 18.7 and the recent low of 18.4 points. So next week is expected to be the same trend and gold, at the beginning of the week to the bottom after a shock, under pressure, the support will be repeated testing, and sorting out the direction of the break point in time in the same week the Fed’s interest rate decision. Analysis of crude oil, we expected this week, the energy market will be a long and short repeated game rating last week, the trend of complex time node. First of all, 43 along the two direction, the first break of low dip 42-41.5 between second and 43 along the bottom up; direct drive oil prices stabilize, the direct rebound upside. Second, 43, and 45.1 line of battle game, to break through 46.5, continue to test the 47.5 or even 48.45 high pressure; otherwise continue to pressure, price to 42 retracement finishing. The actual market operation, and we expect little difference, on Monday, 43 area prices directly to stabilize prices, the 45.1 pressure position is Monday the speech a direct attack on disk, the highest hit 46.5 line, the daily staged down; Tuesday, long and short range for days to form a V type bottom line, overcast cross on Wednesday; then, the price dropping slightly to the upside by API disk, data driven, Zhongyang daily; on Thursday, a decline of EIA data record of the historical period, oil prices jumped to the highest in 47.75 days, the impact of high line; Friday, EIA stock short-term effect data regression, the pressure of the oil pressure of 47.75 47.5 days walk Yindie, minimum 45.56, the daily high big Yin de yang. Overall, this Friday trading day, the trend is extraordinary, the fundamentals of the news have entered the war, technology